Safe Storage in your Suitcase

Leave Your equipment home. We have cheap Rental Gears

Mask & Snorkel 5USD

Fins 5USD

Snorkelvest 5USD

Full Gear 10USD (Mask, Snorkel, Fins, Snorkelvest)

Guide 10USD

Beach Chair 5USD

All Drinks & Snacks 3USD

  • Dont forget to buy a marine Park Fee ticket at the Warden for Marine Conservation. This is not an Entrance Ticket.

  • The Reef, Bubbles and a safe water entry are et the end of the Beach. Dont install yourself at the beginning of the Beach. This is only Rocks and Dangerous with rough Seas. Walk Straight to our Company higher up the Beach.

  • To see everything it will cost you 30-45 minutes. For this Reason we advise not to go in the water without fins. Read also the Article about the risks of using Full Face masks

Extreme Sports Jet Skiing
Extreme Sports Jet Skiing
Enjoy The Snorkeling

Don’t forget to see the Bubbles

Extreme Sports Jet Skiing
Follow our Signs

We are located at the 2nd Building higher up the Beach

Extreme Sports Jet Skiing
Drinks, Snacks and Gear available at our Bar.

All Drinks 3USD

Every Day Availble for Walk Inns 9am to 5pm (High Season)

Full Face Mask are not Advised

Read our Article at Latest News

All Gear Availble at the 2nd Building at the Beach. We provide High Quality Gears. Don’t Deal at Entrance with any Others. We are not responsable for Gears rented before our Signs. This is the place where our Operation Area starts. The first Building is another Company.

Reserve your Gear and Guide for a Snorkeltour at Champagne Beach

Ask For ADIN

Spent 10 USD for Gear and you get a Free Beach Chair

Extreme Sports Jet Skiing
Extreme Sports Jet Skiing
Explore the Famous Bubbles of Champagne Reef

We Provide no Dive Gears. Diving without a Guide is forbidden in Dominica.
Dive Gears are included in the Dive Packages.