Boat Tour 1
Whale Watch & Dolphin Cruise small group (MAX 8)

Duration: 3 Hours

Price: Adults 85USD
Children 4-12 70 USD (Age restriction for Whale Watch is 4 years old)

Dominica is the only country in the world where the sperm whale resides all year long. Just a short boat ride brings you into contact with the world's largest toothed animal. Whale watching operators follow strict codes of conduct, minimizing any disturbance, and never “lure” the whales. To find the whales we use a hydrophone.

On the rare occasion when the whales may be elusive, you’re sure to see the acrobatics of hundreds of Spotted and Spinner Dolphins.

Dominica’s West Coast

Usually the sperm whales are moving between Scotts Head and Portsmouth. While we are searching  for the whales, by boat, you’ll have amazing views over the mountains and the villages Massacre, Mahaut, Jimmit, Warner, Layou, St. Joseph, Mero, Salisbury, Coulibistrie, Colihaut.  The West Coast includes many rivers spilling down to the coast, amongst others the Layou River Valley, Which is Dominica’s longest river.

Our Boat

With our brand new 24ft open keel boat, 2x 60Hp 4 stroke silent engines, we can come close to the whales without disturbing them.


On request at 9.30 AM and 1.30 PM from the ferry terminal in Roseau (Meeting & Pickup starts 30 minutes before Depart)

You are back on time at your Cruise Ship

Name of the vessel: Sanne

Departure point Ferry Terminal in Roseau

L'Express Des Îles, Dame Mary Eugenia Charles Blvd, Roseau, Dominica

People who arrive by Cruise Ship we pick up starting 30 minutes before departure directly at the Cruise Ship terminal in Roseau or Woodbridge Bay. Wait at the end of the bridge where you walk out from ship under the tent/canopy. We are there with a sign with your names. Its a 1 minute walk to the boat. We can be a bit later because we need to pickup also from the other ship. Dont walk out to parking!! And dont follow directions from any other people. Cant find us call +1 767 612 7956 or +1 767 615 3097 People Who not come in by Cruise Ship we meet starting 30 minutes before departures directly at the ferry Terminal in Roseau where the boat departs. Wait outside! Cant find us call +1 767 612 7956 or +1 767 615 3097

ATTENTION: The Ferry Terminal is NOT the Cruise Ship Terminal. The ferry terminal is 300 feet (100m) further direction to Market oppositie the Post Office.

You are back on time at your Cruise Ship

Name of the vessel: Sanne

What’s included?

Professional tour guide

SSMR Marine park fee

Bottled water or Rum Punch

Our boat is designed for small groups and families with a max of 8 people.

Bring your camera, sun block, cap,

sunglasses and dress lightly

Find more info about The Whales of Dominica and their names as HERE.

Focus On Your Goals

Don't forget your Camera

In case of Rain

We have Raincoats at the boat

live the passion for the Whales and Dolphins

During high Season October till eind of May we have a finding rate of 90%. Sometimes when we are not lucky with the weather or seaconditions we cant find them because they to far out. In case of this we offer always our guests a free second chance when we have empty spots at the Boat

  • High Season: October 15th till May 15th

  • Low Season: May 15th till October 15th

share the excitement

The Whales and Dolphins of Dominica

More info aubout the spermwhales in Dominica

  • In the Flukebook you can find the names of the Whales

  • The Whale Watching Handbook you can find HERE

feel the excitement

Special for small Groups and Families

Champagne Beach is a Turtle Breeding Area and is Protected.
At Champagne Beach Turtles come by night to lay their Eggs

For this Reason all Beach Chairs must removed after 5pm from the Breeding Area to give the Turtles a Freeway by night.

PH Whale Watch Tours
you can also book At our
Tour Booking Office
at Champagne Beach

Our PH Whale Watch Dominica Tourguides know al the individual Whales and respect them. The whales come to our boat because they know we not disturbing them. Rated as one of the Best Tours in Dominica

PH Whale Watch Tours from Shore.
Find the volcanic Bubbles
at Champagne Reef with one of our snorkelguides. Book HERE

Champagne Beach has changed from a Ravine into a Paradise after Hurricane Maria in 2017.
PH Whale Watch removed the Rocks brought Sand and planted healthy Trees.

Explore Dominica! The Nature Island. Don’t miss Champagne Beach. Easy to Reach in 10 Minutes from Roseau by Taxi. For Snorkeling the Best Tour in Dominica

Dominica is very unknown because its confused with Dominican Republic. But for sure the most attactive Island in the Caribbean