Champagne Beach is a Turtle Breeding Area and is Protected.
At Champagne Beach Turtles come by night to lay their Eggs

For this Reason all Beach Chairs must removed after 5pm from the Breeding Area to give the Turtles a Freeway by night.

PH Whale Watch Tours
you can also book At our
Tour Booking Office
at Champagne Beach

Our PH Whale Watch Dominica Tourguides know al the individual Whales and respect them. The whales come to our boat because they know we not disturbing them. Rated as one of the Best Tours in Dominica

PH Whale Watch Tours from Shore.
Find the volcanic Bubbles
at Champagne Reef with one of our snorkelguides. Book HERE

Champagne Beach has changed from a Ravine into a Paradise after Hurricane Maria in 2017.
PH Whale Watch removed the Rocks brought Sand and planted healthy Trees.

Explore Dominica! The Nature Island. Don’t miss Champagne Beach. Easy to Reach in 10 Minutes from Roseau by Taxi. For Snorkeling the Best Tour in Dominica

Dominica is very unknown because its confused with Dominican Republic. But for sure the most attactive Island in the Caribbean

Explore Dominica’s Watersport Activities

Whale Watch, Diving, Snorkeling  and Champagne Beach

Dominica is one of the best Countries in the Caribbean for Whale Watch Tours, Diving and Snorkeling. The Spermwhales are there year round.

  • Whale Watch & Dolphin Cruises we offer Daily from Ferry Terminal in Roseau. Departures 9.30AM and 1.30PM (Be there 30 Minutes before Departure). Make reservation by the contactform.

    (Available in High Season October till end of May)

  • We Offer Snorkeling Tours at Champagne Beach from Shore and also By Boat to Champagne Reef and Scotts Head and Bubble Beach Spa

  • We offer Guided Diving for Certified Divers at Champagne Beach to the Reef and The Wreck. Non Certified Divers can see the Reef by Doing the PADI Discover Scuba Diving Course. (Availble on Monday, Wednesday and Friday in Low Season June till September)

  • You can make a reservation to charter our Boat. Max 8 Persons. Its included Gas, 2 Crewmembers, Rum Punch and Fruit. During 3 Hours you can ask us where to go en what kind of actiities you like to do. Halve Day Charter 3 Hours 600 USD Full Day Charter 6 Hours 1000 USD

  • Mask & Snorkel 5USD Fins 5 USD Snorkelvest 5 USD Full Gear: Mask, Snorkel, Fins and Snorkelvest 10USD You can make reservations by the contact form. Its strongly Recommended not the to Snorkel without fins as it will be a total of 45 minutes to see everything. Warning: We not offer Full Face Masks. Read the article about the reason we not recommend them.

  • When you visit Champagne Beach you buy a Marine Park Fee Ticket for 2USD at the entrance when there is a Warden. After pass the first Builing and walk straight to our Commpany 2nd Building. There you will find Our Guide Adin. Also a safe Water Entrance and a Sandy Beach with Sun and Shade. We will give you safety instructions for the Beach where to enter the water en how to find the Reef and Bubbles. Dont go in the water direct after the Entrance. This is only Rocks and dangerous because sometimes see conditions can change. We have a Bar with Drinks and snacks (All drinks 3USD), Snorkel Guides and you can rent a Beach Chair for 5 USD. Gear 10USD Private GUIDE 10USD . Warning: We have clear prices for everything. Dont deal with others at the entrance after buying your marine Park Fee Ticket.