How to Reach Champagne Beach from Rosau

1. The easiest way is to ask at the Cruise Ship terminal for a Taxi to Champagne Beach and he will bring you back as well.
2. Low budget Travelers can take the Local Bus to Soufriere at the Roseau Bus station.
Ask the driver to stop at Champagne Beach. To go back you can hold a bus at the road at Champagne Beach.

Where to find PH Whale Watch
Dive& Snorkel at the Beach

When you arrive at Champagne Beach

  1. Walk down the steps and buy at the Wardens a Marine Park Fee Ticket for 2USD. This is not an Entrance Ticket and also not for Beach Chairs!!. This Ticket is valid for the Whole SSMR (Soufriere, Scotts Head Marine Reserve)
    It is collected for Maintenance at the Marine Reserve.
  2. After: Dont deal with people at the Entrance who offer you a Guide or Gear but walk straigt to the 2nd buildingwalk higher up the Beach to the building  of PH Whale Watch Dive & Snorkel.
  3. Cant Find us ask for ADIN our Coördinator of Champagne Beach.
  4. Higher up the Beach is our Company with a Bar, Beach Chairs,  safe water entry to the bubbles, Rental Gears and Guides. Dont install yourself at the beginning of the Beach. This is only rocks and dangerous to go in the water there. This is not our Company! We do not take any responsability for deals and safety made before our signs

The sandy Beach, Reef Bubbles and Safe Water entry are At the end of the Beach

Follow Our Signs